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The green "pharmacy" - making products for everyday life yourself

Knowledge of the power of "green herbs" is still part of every family today. Medicinal plants can be used well for everyday complaints (digestive disorders, colds, injuries, rheumatism, urinary tract infections, strengthening the circulation and the nerves). The prerequisite for responsible use is to know the possibilities and also the limits. In this course, we offer you expert background knowledge for safe use in six practical units. The practical work gives you confidence in handling the plants. Together we will process medicinal plants into tea mixtures, ointments, tinctures - preparations that you can then integrate into your individual medicine cabinet. We also prepare wonderful natural products for skin care.

Course offer
Friday: Sept. 09, 2022
Friday: Oct. 14,2022
Friday: Nov. 11,  202

Friday:  Dec. 16, 2022
Friday: 24. June 2022

The courses will be announced soon
If, contrary to expectations, the courses cannot take place on site,
they will be held online via Zoom.
You would then receive the course material in advance and then process it live with the seminar leader, 
You will receive details of how to get there with the confirmation, proof of payment must be brought with you.
Course costs incl. material CHF 150.00

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