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At Dr. Cattani Cosmetic, all products are made from the best available raw materials, which are further processed based on the latest findings. From the recipe idea to the final execution we do everything. We are very proud of our work. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products - just like all our previous customers. Take a look at our product selection

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To support your fitness:
Do you also sometimes struggle with laziness and fatigue? I'll just say: vinegar, honey and herbs - three products that have become an integral part of my life. As a natural product, each one is a dream in itself.

Oxymel, also known as sour honey, to get everything going again and support it. 

Doctors of antiquity, like Hippocrates, have already sworn by it.

The active acetic acid bacteria of a naturally left vinegar and cold stirred honey contains about 200 ingredients, including amino acids, minerals, enzymes and much more in combination with dandelion, rosemary and horsetail provide pure power.

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Perfumes in the narrower sense are fragrances and their mixtures (fragrance compositions with a certain odor), which change the body odor or cover an odor. They serve the personal well-being of a person and his presentation to others.
The basic components of a perfume are mainly alcohol (around 80%), distilled water and natural essences dissolved in it (essential oils of plant origin) as well as fragrances made from plants.


la vie en rose

La vie en Rose - the noble Bulgarian Damascus Rose plays the first violin, paired with the freshness of Sicily's bergamot, a seductive noble creation. 

Vague bleue

Vague Bleue - incense and sandalwood form the basis of this sporty fragrance, first chord the freshness of Sicily with bergamot merging into the velvety, deep notes of the chord



Dr.Cattani Cosmetics 

has the , offers products enriched with real sandalwood, which have positive effects especially on the skin.


Target groups

Many of our products are suitable for both men and women. However, there are type-specific products. Babies are a separate target group ...
- Women
- men

- children
- babies


Functional-orientated products

Many Dr. Cattani Cosmetic products have been developed to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it's to specifically care for the skin, or to cleanse or protect the skin - or even to repair it ...


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Beauty Cream

Body zones

Our product range offers specific products for the

following body zones:

- hair

- eyes

- lips

- face and neck

- hand

- body

- foot


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